Debugbar - Powerful Developer tool for IE


IETester - Test different IE versions easily




Powerful development tool for IE.

  • Inspect HTML and modify source code in real time.
  • Inspect and modify CSS in real time.
  • View detailed network traffic for easy optimisation.
  • And much more.

Over 2 million developers use DebugBar.
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Free WebBrowser for easy testing different IE versions.
IETester is in Alpha Version.
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Productivity Apps


SunnyReports is an Adwords reporting tool which makes it easy to create full customizable Adwords reports in seconds.

  • You can quickly make an Adwords report by adding section with the statistics (like clicks, impressions, cost, CPC, CTR, ..) and the visualization ((overview, bar chart, donut chart, datatable, line chart, geo map) you need.
  • Add your analysis as a storytelling to explain your work and the data. Your Adwords report is ready to be sent.
  • Reuse a report in one click. The whole report is updated automatically. Just watch the magic happen. You have saved time. Your client will love it.
  • SunnyReports is perfect for PPC agencies, Adwords campaign manager, webmarketing freelance or any company which runs Adwords campaigns. They can provide beautiful Adwords client reports and reuse it every week or month. They saved money and make their customers happy.
Go to SunnyReports → is the solution to receive instantly your Google Ads leads in your inbox.

Have you set up the Ad Lead Extension in your Google Ad campaigns, but want immediate feedback? We make it easy. Sign up with PushMyLead and we'll instantly e-mail you your new leads. No CRM needed.

Go to → is a free tool which allows to visualize your AWQL queries in seconds in one click.

AWQL becomes easier to use with Autocompletion, live help messages and a full AWQL help help you to type your queries easily.

Google recommend using AWQL as an easy way to retrieve Adwords data from your campaigns. For example, you can get an Adwords geoperformance report in one query.

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